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Creation and production, in France, of laces, shoe laces, galons, ribbons, cords, ropes, webbing, straps using three processes: webbing, weaving and knitting

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Spring-Summer 2017 collection is in the process of being created, fresh and pastel tones combined with soft materials, will be soon revealed... Unexpected opportunities for your creations.

The Company

Infrastructure of the SCF

The Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF) : french manufacture of laces, shoe laces, cordons, gallons, straps ... thanks to its 1000 machines.

Activities Sectors

We create fashion accessories, technical products, ..., for different sectors like shoe industries, clothing, leather goods, jewellery, for personal protective equipment...

Trade fairs & production

For every season, our stylist creates new series of products related to the trends, to inspire our customers. On request, we produce in accordance with the description provided.