Our know how

Design team

Société Choletaise de Fabrication has its own design team who puts together two collections every year. 400 new products are produced in our workshops for our Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections which are inspired by current trends. Every season, our style team conducts research into colour combinations and materials to bring to life new looks, textures and illusions. We also restore and use historic machines. We produce design trend photos to show how our products can be used.

The team also works hand in hand with our customers, helping them to create their designs (collection). We can provide samples to help you choose.
Over 2,000 colours and a wide selection of materials (cotton, polyester, linen, wool, polyester fibre, viscose, lurex, etc) are used in the colour and product ranges we offer our customers.
Our style team and sales teams are on hand to advise and help you at each stage of your order.

Some ideas for using our products:
- Footwear: shoelaces, boot pulls, edgings, decorative connections, straps, heels
- Clothing: edgings, connections, cuffs and lapels, belt loops, bows, embroidery, collars
- Leather Goods: bag handles, decorations, loops, shoulder straps
- Accessories: ties, belts, hats, jewellery
- Home textiles: aprons, tablecloths, placemats, tea towels, sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases
- Furnishings/ Decor: edgings, curtain tie backs, furnishings

Production and Services

Fast braiding:
Braiding: The interlacing of yarn in strands according to the desired weave and diameter. The yarn is spooled on tubes called bobbins and loaded onto braiders which determine the width or diameter and resistance of the cord produced. Fast braiding is used for products such as ropes, cords, round, oval and flat braids as well as elastics.
Société Choletaise de Fabrication weaves flat or tubular articles with a width ranging from 5 to 80 mm. Resistance is determined by the number of strands and the type of fibres used.
We have looms which allow us to produce cords by interlacing the yarn to form a mesh.
Slow-braiding on wooden looms :
Slow-braiding allows us to produce a wide variety of different braids of exceptional delicacy. The production method is identical to fast braiding. The yarn is interwoven to create rickracks, soutaches, flat and round braids, rat’s tails, picots, etc. Delicate products created with fine yarn and premium materials such as viscose, silk and glossy polyester. The factory where we manufacture our products houses 1000 looms, including unique models used for rare products, for example our milanese looms which produce ties as they were in 1830.
We produce delicate trimming lace with extremely fine weave as well as wider lace with courser weave. Our products are manufactured using mechanical braiding looms from Puy en Velay, the oldest of which date from 1900.
Our production method has been handed down through the generations. In keeping with the customs of the time, our lace expert creates a design then recreates it on a jacquard loom (a technique which inspired the design of the music box). The yarn is threaded onto bobbins then loaded onto the machine.
Finishing touches:
We offer a wide range of finishing touches, from the fitting of aglets and endings (cellulose acetate, metallic or shrinkable sleeving) to strap punching, eyelet fitting, waxing and glazing. Waxing and glazing are techniques which add a glossy finish with a leather effect. We also offer silkscreen printing, patterns and text.
We can provide technical treatments.
We deliver our products in a variety of ways: in rolls, reels, bulk or bundles. Parcels are packed in boxes stacked on palettes.