Our clothing industry products

We design and manufacture braids with desired decorative weaving ornaments (chevron, serge, satin, etc.), cords, piping, soutache braid, flat braids, etc.

Our customers

  • Ready-made clothing brands
  • Luxury private homes
  • Underwear and lingerie manufacturers
  • Sportswear brands
  • Working clothes manufacturers
  • Independent designers on behalf of brands
  • Shorts and swimwear designers
  • Jewellery designers
  • Wholesalers
  • Garment manufacturers
  • Embroiderers companies
Cord on a shirt
Cord on a shirt

Samples, materials and treatments

Samples for your collections in multiple colours can be rapidly produced.

Materials: various quality cotton, polyester, HT polyester, linen, jute, wooven, silk and so on. Yarns have certified origins.

Treatments: Hydrophobic, Goretex, Fireproofed, Ciba 2, Sizing, Thermofixing...

Delivery per pair of sholaces, delivery on reels, delivery on flat coils.

We supply Reach Oko-Tex certificates. We carry out regular inspections of our thread suppliers.

To view our clothing-garments’ products, use the form to ask for access to the customer area of our website.

  • Croquet and cord to make bracele

  • Tee-shirt cord

  • bra cord

  • Gallon on a shirt

  • Gallon and cord on a jacket

  • Gallon, tie and cord