Our brand and footwear manufacturer customers

We supply shoelaces, edgings, tongues, stays to trademarks and manufacturers of:

  • Traditional shoes (men’s and women’s)
  • Luxuryshoes (men’s and women’s)
  • Kid shoes
  • Ballerinas shoes
  • Espadrilles
  • Safety footwear for workplaces
  • Military and Fire Service footwear
  • Sports footwear (ski boots, skating, dance)
  • Comfort shoes (orthopedic shoes)

Our customers are too:

  • Wholesalers
  • Footwear styling and design studios

A large range of shoelaces

  • Flat shoelaces
  • Round shoelaces
  • Fancy shoelaces, multi-coloured and multi-material
  • Technical shoelaces, with strong resistance shoelaces ("cable éco")
  • Waxed shoelaces
  • Super waxed shoelaces
  • Luxury shoelaces
  • Fire retardant shoelaces

Shoelaces completion :

  • Completion with cellulose acetate (transparent or color), automatic fitment, any length
  • Completion with metal aglets (we keep stock)
  • Shoelaces baggage (labelling, packaging)
  • Tarification per metre or per reel.

Shoelaces, edgings, tongues...

We also produce weaving for shoe manufacture: boot-hook, shoe stays, edges, hessian gallons and so on.

Materials and Treatments

According to customer needs, SCF uses natural spun textile fibres such as Cotton (classical, mercerized), linen, viscose, silk... but also synthetic materials like polyester (sportwear’s items), polyamide, polyester High Tenacity (high strength)...

Espadrilles are usually made from hessian or wicker, but other material combinations are possible.

Textile treatment chemicals : Hydrophobic, Goretex, Fireproofed, Ciba 2, textile warp...

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Shoelaces with colored tips
Shoe laces with colored eglet
Dirtied shoelaces
Flat braid, braided, woven and knitted shoelaces
Flat braid and shoelaces
Tie & dye shoelaces