Personal Protective Equipments

Safety harness strap
Safety harness strap

Our PPE sector customers

  • Personal Protective Equipments manufacturers (PPE), mainly for working at heights and for sport
  • Personal Protective Equipments wholesalers
  • Specialists in tree-climbing, accrobranching and Slackline

Straps and ropes for PPE sector

Our straps may be multi-coloured and slightly elastic. We offer kinetic energy absorbing straps, used for exemple in case of falls.

We also offer ropes, some of which are APAVE certified.

Personal Protective Equipment Ropes (PPE)
Personal Protective Equipment Ropes (PPE)

Materials, treatments and tests

Materials: High Tenacity polyamide, High Tenacity polyester, Aramid, etc.

Treatments: Hydrophobic, Goretex, Fireproofed, Ciba 2, Sizing, Heat setting

We test:

  • Tensile breacking extension
  • Lengthening at a determined force
  • Abrasion on shoelaces, rings, eyelets
  • Lengthening for elastic at 5, 10, 15 kg

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