Our History


Société Choletaise de Fabrication de Lacets is created by Benjamin Ferchaud. His son Jacques begins to work in the company. His brothers and sister also work there.
The company develops from braiding to weaving and changes its name to become Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF).


Jacques Ferchaud takes the head of the company.


Following the death of Jacques, his wife Annie become CEO of the company.


The Société Choletaise de Fabrication is passed onto Olivier Verrièle in August.


February: 1st participation in the ModAmont fair, the international trade fair for fashion and design supplies and accessories.
June: Awarding of EconomicPerformance Trophy for the company’s recovery, by the region’s main economic actors. The Trophy is dedicated to SCF’s staff and their skills.


The 13rd March of 2012, the Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF) is labelized Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV).

Fairs where we are presents :


In December, the company acquired 950 Saint Chamond old braiding looms in wood, dating from 1900.


In December, the company settled in new production facilities in Andrezé.

The 16th April of 2014, Olivier Verrièle receives the Trophée Cédants et Repreneurs d’Affaires (CRA 2014) in the Industry Category. Article Ouest France


Wooden braiding looms: moved to our former premises at Bégrolles. First orders are produced in June. Wooden braiding looms’s products have always known a great success.

Automated carrying handle production machine, designed inside the company by the service Research and Development, are operational since September.


Takover of Dessalces by SCF. Dessalces is a laces manufacturer located near Puy en Velay, Haute-Loire (France).

Acquiring of 50 laces braiding looms. Dessalces collections of narrow laces are completed by SCF’s new references.

  • Our old wooden braiding machines

    Our old wooden braiding machines

    Age-old expertise preserved thanks to SCF, wooden braiding looms from Saint Chamond. The wooden braiding looms produce fine, delicate products at low speed by slow braiding. Production of cords, braids, multi-circuit braids, piping, rick racks, soutache braids and so on. We can also manufacture large quantities by putting several identical looms in line on the “ménard” (a cylindrical drive for multiple looms).

  • Our old lace braiding machines

    Our old lace braiding machines

    SCF recently acquired old lace braiding machines. Those new lace machines enables to make narrow laces with variable width, coloured lace and facy lace. From Haute-Loire (France), those old machines offer trendy laces with ancient know-how. Discover our new collections coming soon...