Our offer

Our braiding, weaving and knitting offer

Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF) creates and manufactures in France for almost a half-hundred years old fashion articles and technical products.

Our company offers to its customers shoelaces, braids, ribbons, straps, stays, Jacquards, halyards, cord, cordons, loop trims, princesses, soutaches and flat braids... produced according to five processes: length braiding, slow braiding on wooden machines, jacquard braiding for narrow laces, weaving and knitting.

We are a human-sized company with a staff of almost 50 qualified employees.More than 40% of our turnover is made in Europe and Asia.

SCF’s rare expertise

Our factory-laboratory, labelised Living Heritage Company, oughts its rare and recognized expertise to old-established extensive knowledges of its employees, at the service of trademark shoes manufacturers, clothing, leather goods, jewellery, Personal Protective Equipments (P.P.E), door and window manufacturers etc... to mention only main sectors.

Customized produces or big series

Each order involves a production launch. Production can be based on existing references (permanent and trend collections), or adapted to all our customers’ needs.

Order can be in small quantity (sampling less than 100 meters) or industrial quantity.

With a wide stock of yarn (about 1600 references numbers), our 1500 industrial machinery (including 1050 wooden braiding looms) can manufacture all your creations and samples, in our plant near Cholet.

We can produce and deliver articles within two weeks (braiding or knitting) to three / four weeks (weaving or braiding on wooden loom).

Concerning samples and small quantities deadlines are shorter: delivery within one week (braiding, knitting) to two / three weeks (weaving and braiding on wooden loom), when it’s about colours or sizes’ modifications.

To see our items

Two ways to discover our range of products:

  • The kaleidoscope: permanent range
  • Seasonal kits (our fashion collections) renewed seasonally for collections Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer

The kaleidoscope and collections are based on five criterias:

  1. Available materials: all kinds of cotton, viscose, silk, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, flax, …
  2. Design, shape, width and thickness (for ropes, tapes and straps)
  3. Colour and combinations (extensive range of colours)
  4. Finishing (tips to finish laces and cords, priming, glazing, waxing, etc.)
  5. Packaging (reels, bulk, pairs, etc.)

Colour, width and diameter can be totally customizable.

Specific colours can be produced (based on Pantone references). SCF has 1800 colours combinations.

Kaleidoscope cards and seasonal Kits can be viewed in the private section of the website. Ask us for access code on the contact form.

  • Our Know how

    Our Know how

    We have in our factories 1400 machines, allocated between 5 processes: narrow braiding, lengh braiding, slow braiding on wooden looms, jacquard braiding looms to make narrow laces and knitting for trendy cords. We can also make shoelaces, braids, pipings, halyard, ropes and a lot more.

  • Our innovations

    Our innovations

    We innovate in creation, design and research. Historically our main activity was manufacturing shoelaces in France.

  • Our sales agents

    Our sales agents

    SCF is a manufacture in France of shoelaces, braids, cordons, ribbons, webbings, straps, jacquards, ropes, rick racks, and narrow laces on jacquard looms. There five production technics like fast braiding, slow braiding on wooden looms, jacquard braiding for narrow laces, weaving and knitting.

  • The Sales Team

    The Sales Team

    Our sales team is at your service to provide you with all the information you need.