Our innovations

SCF is innovative in its creation, design and research.

Innovation in creating collections

Supporting our customers in the creative process and contributing ideas is very important to us. Every year we bring out two new collections containing 200 products at trade fairs (Première Vision Accessories, Lineapelle and MFS); these are developments of existing products, either creatively adapted or updated to reflect current tastes. In other words, these can sometimes be products dating back 100 years, made on wooden braiding looms since 1830.

Our customers are inspired by current trends and our samples, which they use to adapt our woven, braided and knitted products as though through a kaleidoscope. To view our products, go to the form.

Our innovation through design approach

Stool Tabcord
Stool Tabcord

One example is the “Bobbin” project carried out through the Network for Non-physical Innovation in Industry - R3iLab.

Creating, innovating and inventing – cords are very flexible. We harden rope using a heating process into the shape of the template around which it is wound. The patent-protected process, called Plug it, was developed with designer, François Azambourg. The process is illustrated by a rope stool, called Bobine, which was shown at the Maison et Objet trade fair in January 2012 and at the Design Parade at Villa Noailles in June 2012. Visit the websites about the Plug it concept (www.plugitconcept.fr/) and the Bobine brand (www.made-by-bobine.fr/).

In collaboration with Sophie Dalla Rosa we also created a stool called Tabcord, made from flexible rope and wood. Used on our trade fair stand every six months, we are looking to market it.

In conjunction with furniture builder Moustache and the Scholten & Baijings design consultancy, SCF helped build the Strap chair. This chair, for both indoor and outdoor use, was voted designer product of the year by the London Design Museum.

Innovation through research

SCF is a member of the Techtera competition cluster and the R3iLab network.

Textile 3.0TEXtile 3.0 project

Banc 3.0

The TEXtile 3.0 project is the result of an innovation project that draws on French industrial expertise and a spirit of openness and partnership.
It is a project with 3 dimensions that connects man, nature and technology. The result? A shed called Cabane 3.0, designed by Amaury Poudray.
The base is a wooden structure, partially covered by TILES – a textile (woven by Garnier-Thiebaut) that includes 3rd generation photovoltaic films (manufactured by Armor). This uses a lighting concept by Structures and offers a variety of finishes and seating based on straps manufactured by SCF.
The shed uses a honeycomb, modular concept, meaning it can be adapted to all shapes and sizes. Identical and different modules can be combined. It is portable and self-sufficient in energy. Additional items can be added, such as tables, shelves or beds, …