The Sales Team

Ghislaine Guinhut

Ghislaine is working with SCF since 1985. She is the sales manager of the company.

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Maxime Courant

Maxime is trade development manager since November 2014. Arriving at SCF during a training, he continued on a fixed-term contract of 5 months and travelled 1 year abroad.

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Delphine Simonet

Delphine has worked at SCF since August 2015, following a 2-month training placement. She is responsible for sales development, especially dealing with requests from our German customers.

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Jennifer Lemaire

Jennifer works at SCF since August 2014 following a 3 month training. She is trade assistant.

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Vanessa Landelle

Vanessa has worked in sales since December 2014.

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Olivier Verrièle

Olivier is the CEO of the company.

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