SCF métier à tresser tresseuse cannetage du métier tressage
tressage SCF : montage Tresse élastique montage sur métier à tresser


The Choletaise company’s braiding facilities enable it to manufacture and create made-to-measure textile products such as cords, round or flat elastic cords, picot cords, helicoidal cords and ropes, as well as braids, flat braids, mats and soutaches.
All our cords can be round or flat tubular.

SCF therefore has different types of braiding machines to meet its customers’ requirements. The flexibility of SCF’s product range means that production runs can range from a few metres to several thousand metres.

Braiding looms

The braiding machines at Société Choletaise de Fabrication produce products whose diameter or width varies according to the number of spindles on the loom, the number of threads per spindle or the size of the thread used.
The positioning of the cops of yarn on the spindles of the braiding machine will determine the design of the braid and the shape of the article.
With a production speed of around 60 m/hour, SCF braiding machines can meet extremely tight deadlines for both sampling and production.

Special braiding looms

In addition to its fleet of traditional braiding machines, SCF has the capacity to work with large-diameter yarns such as jute thanks to specific machines.
SCF is one of the last braid manufacturers in France to produce “braids“, jute braids and canastas. These products are commonly used to make the soles of espadrilles and wedge shoes.
In 2022, SCF will expand its range of high-speed looms with the acquisition of looms for making flat braids and soutaches. These products are also produced on our slow-revolution wood looms.


Braid: plaiting of cords often used to make belts or bag handles.

Helicoidal cords : strand held together by visible or invisible wires.


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