The history

SCF, the specialist
in narrow FABRICS

Since 1969, Société Choletaise de Fabrication (SCF) has been designing and manufacturing narrow textile accessories for customers all over the world, a story that has been going on for over half a century.
Cords, laces, straps, braids, halyards, ropes, braids, piping, princesses, soutaches, picots, strands, ribbons… and lace are produced in our factories in the heart of the Cholet region in Andrezé, Maine-et-Loire.

Weaver, braider, knitter and lace-maker, SCF creates, innovates and manufactures fashion and technical items in its own workshops in France.

Combining tradition and innovation, SCF puts its know-how and expertise at the service of the fashion, sports, packaging, household linen, interior decoration and industrial markets.

With a fleet of 2.000 machines, including around 900 modern machines, 1.107 wood looms and 70 mechanical bobbin looms (lace), SCF is constantly growing and reinventing itself to meet the demands and creativity of its customers.

A short history …

Founded by linen weavers in 1969, the company was bought by Olivier Verrièle in 2010. He reornised the company, giving it new prospects for growth in fashion and technical sectors.

With the creation of the SCF collections, the company has been taking part in national and international fashion shows since 2011. The R&D department is being restructured.

The acquisition of the wood looms in 2013 and the lace looms in 2016 enabled SCF to broaden its offering by proposing unique top-of-the-range products.

In 2021, SCF opened the Atelier de Tressage ( in the heart of the Marais district. A showroom for professionals, as well as a top-of-the-range haberdashery and training workshop for braiding on slow-revolution wood looms, the workshop is open to professionals, schools and private individuals.

That same year, under the impetus of 4 young women, SCF created its brand of accessories and design furniture Made by bobine (

SCF, from yesterday to today, a history spanning almost 50 years


Creation of Société Choletaise de Fabrication by Benjamin Ferchaud


A weaving workshop creation


Jacques Ferchaud, Benjamin’s son, takes over as CEO


Jacques Ferchaud ‘s wife, Annie Ferchaud, takes over as CEO


Olivier Verrièle takes over the company


Awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) state label


SCF takes part in fashion trade fairs
Buying Guy Camus’s wooden looms


BPI, the know-how fund, becomes a shareholder


Integration of a fleet of 70 mechanical bobbin lace machines


France Relance certification

Opening of the Atelier de Tressage showroom

Creation of the brand
Made by bobine

L’Atelier de tressage by scf
Showroom, haberdashery, Training workshop

With the strong growth of its fashion clientele, and in particular the Parisian luxury sector, it was necessary for SCF to strengthen its presence in the French capital.

L’Atelier de tressage is a top-of-the-range haberdashery open to both private individuals and professionals.

The products offered for sale are manufactured by SCF in its Maine-et-Loire factories and come from SCF collections and production surpluses.

Cords, laces, braids, straps, ropes, lace, etc. are sold with no minimum order.

The workshop can also fit metal end caps to cords.

Professionals can buy on the spot without delay and discover the collections during sales meetings.

Consumers, project developers, students, etc. will find cords, ropes, piping, braids, straps, laces… with no minimum length and made in France.

SCF has opened its Atelier-Showroom in the heart of the Marais, in the former Minimes barracks, 300 metres from the Place des Vosges in June 2021.

Equipped with 3 wooden braiding looms invented more than 2 centuries ago, the Braiding Workshop also offers introductory braiding workshops. These creative workshops are open to anyone aged 12 and over.

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