Our Know how

SCF is the laboratory/factory that brings your creativity to life

Five manufacturing processes using 1,450 machines:

  • Narrow weaving between 5 and 80 mm of width for making braids, piping, straps, edging, jacquards, boot-jacks, ...
  • Lengh Braiding for making ropes, string, braids, halyards, ...
  • Slow braiding on wooden machines for making strings, flat braids, picot braids, multi-circuit braids, pipings, helical braids, princess braids, soutache braids, rick racks, etc.
  • Jacquard braiding machines for making narrow laces.
  • Knitting for producing rope and cords, ....

Finishing machines
Numerous finishing machines for:

  • Textile ennobling: waxing, glazing, fireproofing, waterproofing, ...
  • Positionning of tips: cellulose acetate or metal tips using presses (used in hoodies, shorts, tracksuits and laces, ...)
  • Thermally cut-off: Hot or cold cutting, piercing, ...
  • Products packaging: (coils, reels, ...)

We have a splitting production between our two plants. We have one based at Andrezé, and the other one at Bégrolles-en-Mauges, both located in Maine-et-Loire, West of France.

Weaving loom
Braiding looms in wood holder than 100 years
slab roller
Machinerie to put eglet
Kinitting loom
Braiding loom