LABEL EPV & l’association Savoir-faire en Pays-de-la-Loire :

Preserving and passing on skills of excellence, helping and bringing together EPV companies

Since 2012, SCF has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label for its mastery of rare and exceptional skills.
The EPV label is awarded directly by the regional prefects after an in-depth study of an application by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art (INMA). The EPV label is a mark of recognition from the State, set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial skills. Awarded for a period of five years, this label brings together manufacturers of all sizes and in all fields committed to the high performance of their craft and their products.

In order to provide further support for companies that have been awarded the label, and to help and support them in their efforts to obtain the label, the Association Savoir-faire en Pays de Loire was created in 2018. The Association enables the region’s EPV companies to belong to a self-help network and to activate levers for better recognition and highlighting of our know-how. Led by Olivier Verrièle, CEO of SCF and President of EPV in Pays-de-la-Loire, the Association is constantly innovating and working to provide EPV companies with the tools they need to bring their exceptional expertise to life.

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The EPV Label: Recognition of Excellence

SCF has held the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label since 2012, in recognition of its rare and exceptional expertise. This label, awarded by the French government, testifies to the strong commitment of certified companies to quality, CSR innovation and the transmission of their know-how. It makes an active contribution to preserving craft and industrial traditions, while ensuring their longevity.

The EPV label plays a crucial role in preserving expertise in France. This distinction illustrates our commitment to preserving traditional skills and passing on this knowledge, thereby helping to safeguard the country’s living industrial heritage.

EPV label for the conservation of know-how

The EPV label offers a number of advantages to companies that have been awarded the label. It enhances their credibility and visibility with BtB and BtC consumers, by highlighting their authenticity and excellence. EPV-labelled companies also benefit from financial and technical support, encouraging their development and their ability to preserve their unique expertise.

With this in mind, the Association Savoir-faire en Pays-de-la-Loire has set up a skills conservation programme, the aim of which is to preserve, pass on and promote these skills in the form of operating procedures. This new scheme is being set up in partnership with the Mission des Métiers d’Art des Pays de la Loire.
For more information:

SCF entreprise EPV conservation et transmission des savoir-faire

Passing on know-how: the key to conservation

One of the pillars of know-how conservation lies in the transmission and dissemination of knowledge.
Passing on know-how plays a central role in an EPV company. At SCF, we are committed to training new talent by taking on apprentices and trainees. This transmission is done in a practical way, by allowing apprentices to work alongside experienced professionals, thus guaranteeing the continuity of know-how.
Dans cette continuité, SCF organise des ateliers d’initiation au tressage lent sur métier bois au sein de l’Atelier de tressage (3, rue St Gilles -75003 Paris). Ces ateliers sont ouverts à tous et réservables sur la page réservation du site
As part of this continuity, SCF organises introductory workshops in slow weaving on wood looms at the Atelier de Tressage (3, rue St Gilles -75003 Paris). These workshops are open to all and can be booked on the booking page of the website.

Companies awarded the EPV label have access to specialised training programmes, encouraging the structured and effective transmission of know-how. These initiatives include in-house training, knowledge-sharing workshops and collaboration with specialist educational establishments.
SCF is leading this ambitious programme, promoting the cross-disciplinary and multi-skilled nature of its activities. For example, two SCF employees are trained in lacemaking. In this way, our companies ensure the preservation of the unique techniques and practices for which they are renowned.

Special events are organised to publicise our skills and professions as widely as possible.
Nous participons également à deux autres évènements que sont :
SCF takes an active part in the JEMA (Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art): open days during which public demonstrations are organised, allowing visitors to discover SCF’s traditional skills and learn more about manufacturing techniques.
We also take part in two other events:
C’est quoi ton entreprise?” and “C’est quoi ton métier” organised by Osez Mauges – Tourisme et Développement Val de Loire.
Please note that SCF will be opening its doors on 11 and 12 October 2023 from 2pm to 3.30pm for the “C’est quoi ton entreprise” event – booking required.
SCF also takes part in various events aimed at promoting its profession of braider on wood looms, such as “TRESSE alors !Through workshops, conferences and exhibitions, “TRESSE alors !” helps to preserve, promote and pass on this tangible and intangible heritage.
TRESSE alors! runs from 6 May to 1 October – La terrasse du Dorlay

The aim of these initiatives is to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving and promoting unique skills, thereby encouraging their transmission and continuity.

The Savoir-faire en Pays-de-la-Loire association has been set up to promote and pass on our expertise.

tressage à 4 mains enfilage des metiers bois chez SCF

SCF member of L’association des EPV en Pays de Loire

Olivier Verrièle, President of the EPV in Pays de la Loire and director of SCF, has created the Association Savoir-faire en ¨Pays de la Loire in association with other EPV companies in the region.
Bringing together a number of EPV companies in the region, including SCF, the Association Savoir-Faire serves all EPV companies in the Pays-de-la-Loire region. As a regional association, it is linked to the national EPV association (ANEPV) and helps and supports EPV companies in the Pays de la Loire region.

The Savoir-faire en Pays-de-la-Loire association aims to :

  • to bring together all the EPVs in the Pays de Loire region,
  • encourage inter-professional exchanges between EPVs
  • organising and planning initiatives to raise the profile of the EPVs (taking part in trade fairs, running a joint website –
  • develop the communication and visibility of EPVs on social networks
  • monitor changes to the labelling criteria
  • act as an intermediary between regional and national players
  • preserving and conserving know-how

Action is also being taken to encourage the Region and other bodies to recognise and support EPVs.

To find out more about the Association and to join, a contact form is available on the Signaturepatrimoinevivant website.

Documentation of know-how: Preservation of knowledge

Documenting know-how is also an essential aspect of preserving it.
At SCF, we make a point of archiving our manufacturing techniques, tips and secrets in technical manuals, videos and other teaching aids. These valuable resources enable us to preserve the knowledge we have accumulated over time, making it easier to pass on to future generations.

Artistic Residencies: Creative Fusion and Transmission

Artistic residencies play a significant role in preserving know-how. These privileged spaces encourage exchanges between experienced craftspeople and young artists, enabling a creative fusion of traditional skills and contemporary artistic practices. Artists in residence help to revitalise skills while adapting them to contemporary art, ensuring that they are passed on and promoted.
At SCF, we have welcomed Eva Prémilien, Aglaé Poisson and Garance Maurer as artists in residence between 2021 and 2023.
In the same vein, SCF is involved in many school projects related to textile design, offering its expertise and providing materials for study projects.
SCF has partnerships with ENSCI (L’École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle), Ecole Dupérré – Paris, LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués), Diplômes Nationaux des Métiers d’Art, Lycée de la Mode de Cholet ….

To conclude on know-how

The EPV label is a key tool for preserving and passing on skills of excellence.
By providing financial support, training apprentices and documenting techniques, it ensures the preservation of living heritage and craft and industrial traditions. Artistic residencies round off the scheme, encouraging inter-generational exchange and artistic creation based on traditional skills.

By joining the EPV label and the Savoir-faire en pays de la Loire association, you are helping to preserve and pass on exceptional skills, which are the guarantors of a unique cultural and economic wealth.

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